Wednesday, April 9

Jean's Ever Lasting memories in Sri Lanka


Passionate tropical islands, vast blue sea, beautiful golden beaches. But the island, Sri Lanka, graceful left in my mind in memory of far more than the scenery along the way.
  Have been here for one month and a half, being around  with different cultures, influenced by a different environment, and I started to believe that time will tell all the things. There was no need to set up our own rules, whether about the past, present or future, just take things easy.  
  To feel the culture of the country, to be with the people, the students, the teachers and all kinds of people, I learned from their attitude.

The students here are lively, the spiritual which belongs to children is dripping showed. School where I taught is a boys' school and I taught fourth-grade, in the beginning, it is a pretty daunting thing to control the order of the class . While the kids hyperactivity, they really respect the teachers and are willing to offer the teacher help. Once I want to clean the blackboard they will show their enthusiasm and when I need to write a lot on the blackboard, they will come to help. I’m really moved by their respect towards the teachers. When I was in the class, teaching though only simple words or sentences from the book, still need to consider carefully about the class form, I corrected students’ handwriting or spelling, they are very active and especially like to ask me to draw stars to them. They asked my Chinese name, asked my signature, and then they gave me their writing of my name as a gift, just like abstract paintings, but I was still impressed. This moment, I truly appreciated my own identity, in the classroom, just like a teacher, not just one sitting in a classroom of students. I have a new identity in school from then on, and I need to have a different mentality to deal with the problem. Oil lamps lit classroom, Buddha smiles without a word, the lights on her face is beautiful, and I fell in love with this kind of piety and pure.

Come out to a country fascinated me a lot through AIESEC, I would say, is really a  luck for me. Choose educational projects, experience a different educational philosophy and culture, experience a group of children with a different style of alive and kicking; in CS branch, met a group of careful and considerate buddies;  in the intern house, where EPs live together, just like a family, which we can plan a weekend trip together, go grocery shopping and cooking together.  To experience Lanka in the street, in the local small restaurant, in Lanka buses, on the train of Lanka, and the temples and churches in Lanka, to experience a wide variety of belonging to Sri Lanka's uniqueness. All unfamiliar things made me have a different feeling from ever before. I think that I fell in love with this country far away from China, a country which has a belief.

The life here is so different from China: very strange meal times, the crowded buses which people can leisurely hanging on the door of, the driver seems like barefoot driving, walking barefoot in the temple, changing into tan complexion and so on. I cherished these precious memories like unforgettable pictures, and bounding into books, open when leisure, I am sure to come to laugh out.

Wang Jinying
From China

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