Wednesday, April 9

Gabby's one of a kind Experience in Gurugedara Project

At the beginning, the reason why I came to Sri Lanka was because I just didn't want to stay at home doing almost nothing in the holidays. I haven't expected what I want to obtain in that unfamiliar country during that period of time.  However as time went by, it is surprising that how much I’ve received.

Although I prepared each lesson seriously, I didn't think what I was doing could really change something. Will my students really get something from me? I doubted it. I kept this thought until that morning. A girl, she is the monitor of one class. She’s so quiet and when I looked at her and invited her to answer questions, she would remain silent for most of the time. That day, she came into the office, called my name and gave me an envelope. Surprised, I asked her whether the envelope was for me. She nodded her head and said yes. Opening it, I found a handmade thank you card. She made it to appreciate my teaching. Also on that day, after I finish the class, a girl went along with me to the office. On the way, she asked the things about China. She told me that she was interested in what I was showing in the class and wanted to know more about my country. I was surprised. The two girls changed my mind and I began to realize my value of being there.

During this period of time, I’ve also got many Sri Lanka friends. The organizing committee of my project was awesome and I learned a lot from them. Thank you to all of them and I will be back. Not kidding!

Gabby Lu
From China

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