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Praharshita's unforgettable experiences in Sri Lanka

SRI LANKA - A land like no other

Sri Lanka is one of the most beautiful countries of the world. It is rich with culture, tradition, scenic beauties, food and the people here are very kind, sweet and helpful. The climate in this country is very pleasant and happy. The falling ray of the sun upon the gushing waves is a marvelous sight to see. Clean and neat beaches, historic pagodas, waterfalls, caves, the lion of the rock-Sigiriya, ancient temples and many more places make this country a wonderful tourism place. A person who is in love with nature will love this island.

Youth Empowerment Project - YEP                                             

By the name itself you might be wondering its just empowering the youth, but it is not as easy as it is as the name suggest. It’s much more than that, it’s a life changing and a life long cultural experience along with empowering the youth in Sri Lanka we ourselves also got empowered. This experience has taught to look, think ,observe , introspect everything around us in a more challenging way.

During the project we have visited schools and universities conducting sessions through activities on interesting topics like entrepreneurship, communication skills, team work, leadership, and the cultural sharing of different countries. We were well planned for the session to give our best. AIESEC has this amazing culture of roll calls (dance which anyone and everyone can do) which keeps you active and energized at all times. It was an amazing time and fun filled session during the YEP( Youth Empowerment Project). We were provided a house to stay where students from different parts of the world had come to live together and this experience has taught us to be independent, adjust, adapt to new environment and surroundings, to cook, love, care, share and most of all to be a family. The local food was tasty and flavored with lots of spices, a word to be mentioned about the famous Dilmah Tea without which our day wouldn’t begin.

Apart from these sessions we had “Global Day” which was one of the best events where, we got to interact with students from various parts of the world. The main object of AIESEC program is to build a bond between the youth of various countries in exchanging the cultural, traditional and social practices amongst them. A few places that were covered during the trip to Sri Lanka include Southern Province- Galle and Matara, Colombo in the Western, Candy the central, Trincomalee Eastern and Ella in the Uva province. The sacred holy Buddhist temples, light houses, forts, beaches, waterfalls are a must to be mentioned the beauty of these can be enjoyed and captured with our own eyes.

I extend my gratitude to the Local Committee and every member of AIESEC COLOMBO SOUTH, SRI LANKA for giving me such a marvelous, joyful and unforgettable memories in the lap of mother nature at Sri Lanka.

Praharshita Duppala
Exchange Participant for YEP 5.0

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