Saturday, April 5

" By participating in GCDP, it keeps me reading the book in the name of “world”" Rodrick's impact story

   It`s a pleasure to participate in GCDP this winter. For my project, AQUA is about water resource protection. Our work includes visiting the water treatment plant, teaching schoolchildren the knowledge of right ways to use water, leaflets distribution, and cooperating with National Water Board by doing surveys on local people about their water usage. AQUA consists of 3 Taiwanese, 9 Chinese, and 1 Indonesian. Getting along with people from different cultures has so much fun for me. Through working together, we cultivated friendship and created some great memories.
AIESEC CS values the quality and the experience of GCDP very much. They held lots of creative and inspiring activities like Intern Conference, Global Village, and Dragon de Danza etc. EP Buddies in project AQUA are very responsible. They helped us solving many problems. Also, they took us to sightseeing in idle time between tasks. We always had great times together, experiencing the beauty of the country.

  Paying visit on Sri Lanka not only broke stereotypes but also made me full of memories and gratitude. Sri Lanka as I recognized before is a small island in the in Indian Ocean, which is famous for its teas. I further realized that Sri Lanka is an English-friendly country and completely different one from India. Its majority race is Sinhala and Tamil.

Many expected and unexpected cultural shocks happened during my journey. It`s the best part of traveling to a brand-new country for me. There are many special experiences such as taking 10-hour train to Badula in order to visit National Water Board, getting to Galle Fort on the National Day, doing yoga for my first time in dawn, having a great time sunbathing in Mont Lavinia. I like to try something new and challenging and my GCDP in Sri Lanka had reached my expectation. It means a lot to me. I am thankful from the bottom of my heart to my parents and those who helps me to attend this amazing project. I improved my language abilities and learned being independent, dealing with problems alone. What I experienced makes me more grateful to everything.

Last but not least, I have read a sentence that “The world is a book, those who remain at the same place browse just one page of it.”I am glad that I have been some places and paged the world. By participating in GCDP, it keeps me reading the book in the name of “world”.

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