Sunday, October 23

How I became a Global Volunteer with AIESEC in Colombo South - by Tu Nguyen

Hello everybody, my name is Tu Nguyen (nickname Tom). I come from Vietnam and I am 22 years old. Currently, I have been studying as electrical engineer in Nottingham University Malaysia Campus. I know AIESEC organisation from my university (AIESEC UNMC) and it is the first time that I attend AIESEC Global Citizen program. And I decided to choose teaching English for children as my summer project. The reason why I join the AIESEC’s program is that teaching English is my hobby as well as I want to explore the other countries with their cultural and contribute to society on this summer. Moreover, this is first step of the journey to discover myself.    

However, it was not easy to answer the question “Which country could I choose?”. After considering carefully about my hobbies and interests, finally, Sri Lanka was my destination on this summer. Firstly, I like nature, tropical forest, mountain and animal. Secondly, I also like swimming on the beach. Therefore, why I chose this fresh and beautiful island country.

When I came to Sri Lanka, the weather was not surprising me since it is quite similar with my country. However, the lifestyle was totally difference. And the most interesting thing was Tuk Tuk, the popular lovely vehicle. Furthermore, we could not ignore the food which is a part of culture of one country. Sri Lanka’s foods including spicy foods were delicious although the spicy was not my favourite.
Moreover, the landscapes in Sri Lanka were really beautiful, huge and impressive. There are a lot of famous places that attract a large of tourists such as: Siririya, Kandy, Galle… as well as many activities surfing, diving and my favourite activity: rafting.
Beside travelling, the main purpose of this project was teaching English and I attended project name Guru Gedara. It was totally fun and worthy. I love the children due to their loveliness and activeness. Until now, I am very happy to teach them though I felt tired and exhausted sometimes. It makes me become a real teacher with highly responsibility.


In brief, the exchange program is a big opportunity to learn and understand the culture of foreign country. It makes my life worthier and more colourful. Moreover, I am really impressive not only the landscapes but also the hospitality of people in the beautiful island Sri Lanka.

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