Saturday, April 5

" pleasure is filled from the beginning to the end" Yiwei Li writes about her experience in Sri Lanka

It is a kingdom of gem, a pearl of the Indian Ocean. The whole island is like a tear reflecting the ancient and modern atmosphere. There you can experience the breathless beaches, the abundant natural heritage and the fascinating culture.
As for the people, it may be too mean if just describe them friendly. More than that, they are passionate and energetic. As a foreigner, I do not need a map. The passer-by will tell you the way positively and even lead you there then they come back. I can still remember the first time I go to the shopping mall in the downtown. I met a tuk tuk driver named Shifal. He took me to the museums, the gem store and the handicraft stores. No matter how long, he will wait me outside and every time he will not order the price. Oppositely, he will let me give him randomly. Before I leave, he sent me a message: do not forget me my friends. Truly, how can I forget you?!

Different from the traditional educational project, our project, AQUA, is an environmental project about protecting the water resource. We will not work in a constant place or in a constant style. We have been to the village and conducted the survey for the national water board; we have been to the beach to pick up the garbage on the beach; we have been to the schools to deliver the presentations including the drawing competition and games; we have been to the forest to plant trees which provide us a fresh new experience about living in the forest. We can see the sunrise and sunset; we will do the Yoga before the breakfast; we can have a afternoon tea and the wonderful meals.
About my life, pleasure is filled from the beginning to the end. It only takes me five minutes to walk to be beach from my apartment. I love watching, listening and feeling the sea. During the break of work, we will have a short travel to the near cities.

Piumal, Vishma, Damith, Dana, Don, Hashini, Dehan and those people who I cannot name. Thank you for the help you offer, for the project you guys design and for the positive spirit which moves me most. I promise I will never forget you guys. I enjoy every minute in the Colombo south, enjoy the dance, the atmosphere and the people. Sincere gratitude the Colombo South LC.

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