Tuesday, April 8

"Never thought I could have this wonderful experience." Monica's Experience in Sri Lanka

Never thought I could have this wonderful experience.

Our project is an education one thus I spent one month with the naughty, innocent and caring boys J So glad that I could do something for them, they also taught me how to love and what kindness is.

Moreover, I made many friends with Chinese and Sri Lankan and I believe our friendship will be long-lasting. During my internship in Lanka, our buddy always did their best to help us and cared about us.
AIESEC CS also warmly welcomes Chinese Interns , they held the Dragon Da Danza for us to celebrate the Chinese New Year ,how considerate !

I'm badly fascinated with the life in Lanka, slow life there. Never need to hurry and it’s just about enjoying everything.

Awesome scenery! Awesome project! Awesome experience!

Definitely will come back one day!

Monica Huang
From China

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