Wednesday, April 9

Erik's "awesome Experience with awesome people" in Sri Lanka

Many of my first time experiences of my life happened in Sri Lanka, Like the first time going abroad alone, the first time teaching English, the first surfing and many more. All these experiences will surely be the one that has always taught me how to start out my following life. 

Over a month journey in Sri Lanka, I had to be independent but never felt lonely because of the company of all the people I met  who were my dear team mates, Colombo South AIESECers, local people, Exchange Participants from all over the world and of course the smiling faces of the students which was always the greatest part of the journey. We developed friendships with each other. 

We shared stories with each other. We experienced a lot together. Together we explored a fantastic and unforgettable Sri Lanka by living a local life instead of a traveler's viewpoint. Together we explored ourselves. And finally, we tried our best to make a little change to the world as well as to the children in schools we taught. Awesome experience with awesome people in an awesome country J

Erik Fung

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