Tuesday, April 8

Nitya's Life Changing Experience with Gurugedara project

Hey, I’m Nitya, from China. I was an EP who took part the Gurugedara project of AIESEC Colombo South.

Have you ever felt being treated gently by this world? Sri Lanka will definitely give you a chance.
I spent a whole month in this fascinating and beautiful island and I will never forget the life in Sri Lanka, in Mount Lavinia.

In Sri Lanka, I met lots of cute and smart kids. Their smile like sunshine, giving me so much happiness. Teachers in the school regard us as their sisters. They brought us meals every day and took care of us, when we returned to China, they even came to the inn we lived in and sent us gifts. People in Sri Lanka are really friendly, they always asked me three questions. Where do you come from? Do you like Sri Lanka? And once I met a cute grandma who asked me ‘Do you like me?’ Ha-ha. That’s so cute.

As for our buddies, I just want to say they are awesome. Not only did they do their duty as AIESECers, but also kept company with us as friends. They are dependable, patient, and really full of energy for life and AIESEC. We will be life-long friends.

Sri Lanka treated us with enthusiasm and humanity. I was really touched and impressive.

Moreover, there are so many splendid landscapes in Sri Lanka. The wonderful beaches, the magnificent Sigiria, the ancient towns and the attracting Holton Plains are some of them. All of these places were covered with our memories.

The experience in Sri Lanka, with CS, made me feel that when I old and become a grandma, I still have beautiful and unforgettable stories to tell. Haha J

Incredible Sri Lanka, and dear friends, I will meet you again sometime. When I say this, I mean it!

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