Friday, February 3

A little reflection towards this exchange experience - A turning point to my life

By: Kong Shuk Fan (AK) from Hong Kong                      Project: Global Classroom 

Before I come to Sri Lanka, I got a lot of worries. This is the first time I stay away from home for such a long time. I was afraid that I cannot adapt to the local lifestyle and cannot communicate with the people there.

When I got off the plane, I started to realize this country is a wonderful country. The local people are very friendly to me. They will try their best to help me, to let me feel the sincere and warm welcome to me. Also, I enjoyed the trips in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is a special island with different natural landscapes and cultures among different regions. I can bath in Sun and Beach in southern part, can appreciate the magnificent mountain view in central region and can feel the glorious civilization of Sri Lanka in ancient cities.

Why I am saying this is a turning point to my life? The reason is that I have tried many things which I will not do in Hong Kong. I don’t know how to swim, but I tried the water rafting, diving there to experience the beauty of the sea. I make many friends from different countries.

The most unforgettable experiences must be the teaching experience in orphanage. At first, I was discouraged by the children English level as most of them could not understand English. However, after the three weeks teaching, I learned that smile is the most effective common language among people and the supports between exchange participants and organizing committees can help to tackle difficulties. Although we could not communicate with fluent English, sincere can build our relationship. Through using different media, for example songs, dances, pictures, even body movements, I could teach them some English vocabularies successfully. When I saw their smiles and sitting at the classroom waiting for me to come, it gave a great satisfaction to me.

“Isthudi” are the words I want to say to all the exchange participants and organizing committee of Global Classroom, and Sri Lanka people I have met. Thank you for giving me this unforgettable and valuable experience. When I first come to Sri Lanka I was alone. Now, I have all of you in my heart. 

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