Friday, September 2

Knock ! Knock! Kites are ready to soar!

Kite is a toy which will brightens the evening with colours of joy. The serene blue sky, the humming music of the blowing wind and the beautiful sunset was captured, as the kite festival pinned to one of those happy days in August which ring the bell of festivities are in the air!

To mark the successful completion of summer peak the kite festival of AIESEC Colombo South took place on 18th of august at the Mount beach, Mount Lavinia. The fellow AIESECers and exchange participants from summer projects have joined to enjoy the good times on their stay in this beautiful island.  

The evening was organized with fun filled games and jives. It’s always the enthusiasm of the gathering enhances the magic of the event. The agenda kicked off with the sand castle competition which was a difficulty even for the judges in selecting the winners in categories of most creative sand castle and the best creative explanation.

It started as a group activity. The teams were formed with minimum of four members to maximum no limit and four teams were ready to accept the challenge. According to the rules and regulations the sand castle would be area of 4² feet to 2 feet in height, and the given time will be 30 minutes to finish the task.

Next was the “Pani Bambare”. How you play pani bambare was one member from a particular team goes running towards a stick which is placed steadily upright some distance away from the starting point. After you reach the stick he/she has to run around the stick, bend and slightly touching his/her temple on the top edge of the stick. As soon as you finish ten rounds he/she has to run back again to the starting line so that the next member will follow the same.

The gathering were engaged in an event of frenzy that It took the attention of everyone in to cheers because after running ten times in circular motion no one was in ability to run in straight line for at least 3 minutes.

Last but not least, after the prizes were given for the winning teams the Kite flying took place, where the sun was setting down leaving a rich golden colour gracefully embracing the horizon . In midst of all the excitement, the kites appeared as color dots blanketing the evening sky. Unlike other festivals AIESECers have their own way with jives that marked the yet another day to cherish in this windy August, at Mount beach.

By Devindi Abeydeera Gunaratne

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