Thursday, September 12

Zhang talks about her experience in the ART Project

Firstly, I have to express my sincere thanks to AIESEC Colombo south, because they gave an amazing summer in Sri Lanka and let me to make a plenty of friends there, which is a lifelong fortune for me. I am so happy for decision to join in this art project.
For this art project itself, I think it is firstly a challenge for me as I have no experience in art design. In the whole project, I got a lot of opportunity to work as a design-majored student to develop my creative thinking. What is more, the pure and original Sri Lanka cultures were directly in front of us, so we can absorb as much as we can. Also, we got the professional assistance for Moratuwa University that gave us many insights from local academic professors. One thing I have to mention here is the professional skills and hardwork of local students are extraordinary impressive for me. I am pretty sure we cannot achieve such a successful exhibition without their help.

Except the project, our free time was well-organized. We got many chances to enjoy the attractive places in Sri Lanka. And we were leaded to join in excellent local adventure camp, which is so exciting that deserve everyone to join in.

BY Zhang Yunan from China 

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