Wednesday, September 4

Ayesha Khan's Experience in E - Gurugedara project

Of all the Experiences in my life, I got one more Experience by AIESEC Global Exchange Program in the name of “E-Gurugedara”, educational project to teach young students English and to open up opportunities for them to be more creative as well as be more creative in teaching in my side.

I always thought that teaching is fun and easy but while experiencing the classes and the students in school, I can say that “Teaching” is a big responsibility which needs hard and work and commitment. The school I went to was “Presbyterian girls’ high school” which is one of the most amazing schools. The staff including the teachers, coordinators, the principal and the students were really friendly and loving and were always ready to help. Organizing an event just for us was the most surprising action by the school staff. I enjoyed each single day at the school and making sweet memories with the students were the moments that I would never forget.

Apart from school, I had a great time with my AIESEC buddies too. They helped us till the end and they organized awesome trips for us and we enjoyed each and every moment at its fullest. Last but not least I had a beyond amazing time at Global Village where all the EPs were ready to perform and tell about cultures through dancing, flags and by food stalls.

I feel like I had my life time Experience only in just one month, and that is the motive of AIESEC GCDP and they are doing it at its best.
Thank you for everything!

By Ayesha Khan from Pakistan 

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