Thursday, September 5

" I’ve had the best Moment of my life "Happy Nguyễn talks about project E-Gurugedara

I am thankful to be a part of your project “E-Guru Gedara”. I’ve never been on any kind of project before so I’m very scared at first. However, thanks to your preparation and help, I’ve had the best Moment of my life

Here in Sri Lanka I have met do many cool people from China, Pakistan, India, Russia, Poland and Taiwan including Sri Lankan people too. It’s so great of you in giving us such a big chance to learn from many cultures and get to know and understand people from different backgrounds and to work with them together.During the project I received lot of help from AIESEC members. Everyone was so kind and cheerful and helped us in the best way they could. I will always remember them and will be thankful for them for what they have given me.

But the greatest thing of all is that the project let me become a Teacher to help the students to educate themselves and also to learn from them. Personally I learned to be Patient, Cheerful around children and how to be a good person to the word itself. I really have a strong bond towards the school that I worked in as well for teachers and the lovely students. Thank you once again for AIESEC Colombo South for giving me this Opportunity to have unforgettable Experience in Sri Lanka.  

Happy Nguyễn from Vietnam

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