Sunday, September 1

LIz's internship experience in AIESEC CS , Sri Lanka

I'm liz, I come from china . I worked as an volunteer to teach English for project E- Gurugedara in a school named Presbyterian Girl's High School.
Thanks for AIESEC CS in Sri Lanka and the Principal of Presbyterian Girl's High School for giving me this opportunity . I am the last one who came to the school but I learnt a lot from teachers and children. When I first came to the school , I was not familiar to everything , thanks to Ms. Champika who was a local teacher of Presbyterian Girl's High School and other friends who work with me together. Ms. Champika was like our mother in the school, she always care about us and think about us. I am really moved !!! what's more , Girls in school are really nice, they gave us much help in the function and daily life. I won;t forget them forever.
In a word, i really enjoy the time what I spent in our school , Thanks to teachers who gave us the different experience. I really like Sri Lanka ! I will come back again

by Yishan Yan from China

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