Wednesday, April 26

I Will Be Back! - Laurie Dutrannoy

Last year, I traveled around east of Asia and I am completely felt in love with this continent and particularly this part of Asia. 
For this reason and also because I wanted to do a volunteer program I decided to choose feel Lanka 10.0 project in Sri Lanka.
Before to come there, I had some preconceived ideas about the country and afterwards I realized that a lot of them was wrong. It was also a challenge for me to go far away to travel by myself this time. 

Once arrived there, everything was quite different than the other countries in east of Asia. Then, I met my lovely colleagues to a color festival party at the beach, who can dream better for a first meeting? Everyone was playing and laughing and of course taking videos and photos to share for our project.

As soon I met everyone I knew we will likely create a really nice relationship together. Indeed after a couple of days we were just a family, a kind of decomposed family with people come from everywhere in the world, a perfect melting pot, Chinese, Russian, Egyptian, Bahrain, Ukrainian, Taiwanese,  Indian, me from France and also our AIESEC team from Sri Lanka.
We got know each every day when we took our breakfast or when we traveled together, I have so many amazing memories with all of those people!

The project was a really nice way to travel around the country : we went to visit the old city Galle, the mysterious islands around Kalpitya where we had a funny night in tents, a scary but funny rafting day, a exhausted but just wonderful trip to adam's peak the highest point in Sri Lanka, a long journey by train to reach to the famous place called "Ella", a peaceful place completely lost in the country side near Ampara on the Eastcost, and finally to a fresh and beautiful Nuwarayila famous for the tea plantation and the national park Hortain plains.
I will lie to you if I was telling you everything was always good and nice, of course we had also some bad moments when we miss a train or when our accommodation was not corresponding to that our team booked. But, anyway we were together and we have just overcame every difficulties all together and afterwards it's a really nice and funny memories to share with your friends when you come back no?
Sri Lanka and its citizen are very smiling, not a fake smile , a real one who just come from their heart, they are very helpful even when you don't want to travel by tuk tuk they will help you to find your way. Often they try to cheat on us about the price but it's not a perfect way to improve your bargaining skill isn’t it?  They are also so generous and I'm very glad and grateful to have met those Srilankan people.

To sum up : why to choose feel Lanka project ? Because, you will discover a new country with people from the world. You will learn everyday about their culture and they will become amazing friends!
Why to choose Sri Lanka?  It's an easy question because of its stunning beauty, its magic countryside, for its wonderful beaches, for its nice weather and  last but not least its charming citizens!
This country and my new friends are just in my heart forever.
 You can be sure of one thing: I will be back!!

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