Wednesday, April 12

BELIEVE IN YOUR DREAM ❤ - Adel Yousrii from Egypt


Adel Yousrii from Egypt - Feel Lanka 10

At first to travel to different country was a dream and to stay for 7 weeks is long time  just forget . It likes a dream that hard to achieve..
Second setting in Colombo airport crying after this good experience ❤

To travel abroad is a dream for everyone but we think it's hard and cost a lot of money but really everyone can achieve his dream and just can save money as much as he can and search for the country that he wants to go there..
My project was about traveling and photography.. it's called feel lanka 10.0
At first at was hard to think that I'm going to live in other country with different people from different countries in the same house and it was the best experience .. just we shared everything together and we traveled and cooked together..

One of the best moments for me that i will never forget.. it was a trip to Ella. We took the train for 12 hours to reach their.after that we have to walk for 3 kilometres on the railway it was raining hard and it was dangerous.. on this trip my power bank and headphones damaged..
Also we had a camping trip on and island in the ocean it was so cool that we can see the moon's lights reflected on the water.
Finally i want to say that traveling is not a kind of entertainment or a kind of enjoyment you can spend your time to travel and help other people and to gain experience, for me gaining experience is the most important thing in traveling abroad you can knows different cultures and know more about the world and communicate with different people..

To everyone who loves traveling never say that you can't.just trust in your self and everything to help you to travel save money find a part time job ask your parents for money..
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