Sunday, December 11

My Life changing AIESEC Internship in Sri Lanka - Asha Chowdary

Hello! I’m Asha Chowdary from India!
I'm a new recruit in the international organisation, AIESEC! The most wonderful part of AIESEC is my exchange period. It was so fascinating for me when I heard about the internship programs conducted by AIESEC where you could actually go to a different part of the world and leave an impact by your work. It was a fun and a challenging experience.
I worked as a volunteer for Youth Empowerment  Project YEP 5.0 in Colombo South which has added wonderful of colours to my life. That was the period when we felt responsible working for another neighbouring country selflessly just for our fellow brothers and sisters to have a bright future ahead.

What a never forgetting experience it was to spend six  complete weeks with different people from different cultures pushing yourself from your comfort levels and bringing the best which was lying within! Though it took all the EPs to get to the major issues of the country and scale out proper methods to channel, the problems to the youth of the country and make them realise their importance in the society and how they could help curb the nation.

We also had holiday trips apart from our project works which really helped me personally to become a more strong and an independent person because it takes a lot of guts to go roam carefree in a nation where the language is unknown and the people are complete strangers. Whenever there were good times or  bad times, AIESECers were always just a call away to help us sort any kind of issue . This is when i got good knowledge about the importance of customer experience and all the phases an EP goes through in his/her internship. It was really awesome to work with such hard working and dedicated people which teach you untaught lessons of life !

Before the internship I was a person with low confidence levels,who could not pick up conversations with random people,and was an introvert ! Now after coming back from the internship AIESEC has  made me an extrovert person,shouted up my confidence levels and help become an extrovert and a good person and and gave me a bunch full of friends .
I have gone through a lot of self development and improved my skills which helped me in doing  more productive work. I have changed as a person both personally and professionally when I was on an internship. That is when I realised that there is something new which we learn in every opportunity that we take up in AIESEC. I thank AIESEC for providing such wonderful opportunities where the person develops and also the society develops !

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