Monday, February 27

An unforgettable journey! - By Zahra El Amine


I volunteered with AIESEC Colombo south last year in Sri Lanka; my project was “Global Classroom”, to teach English to children. An unforgettable journey! 
I taught English for students in an orphanage in Colombo as well as in Polonnaruwa School in Tangalle town. We did various fun activities such as dancing, drawing, and many other educational games! 
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They love to learn, and I also learned a lot from them, I wanted to stay more and see their happy smiley faces. I hope to see them again in the future. 
I lived with an amazing family who treated me like their daughter, I’ve lived the beautiful and peaceful culture, traveled all over the heavenly island, tried the delicious food, made great friends and even best friends!
I met people whom I will never forget. Volunteering with AIESEC allowed me to see life from a different and deeper perspective as well as to discover myself more and to know what I want in life. 

C:\Users\User\Downloads\IMG_0182 (1).JPGThank you AIESEC team and Global Classroom for this opportunity to inspire and to be inspired, to teach and to learn, and most importantly to leave a good mark on this planet.



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