Wednesday, February 15

The Biggest event on the CS Calender

Changing the life of a person is considered to be something which is hard to achieve but is astounding. Then what would you say if you made changes in more than a hundred lives? It’s called a miracle. On 21st of January 2017, AIESECers in University of Moratuwa united to serve as a catalyst to make this miracle happen to their membership. A 3-day residential conference started in style for the third time in the history, in “Sanctuary house”, Negombo.
This three-day conference comprised of out bound training sessions, informative sessions about AIESEC functions and what AIESEC does to change people’s lives. Leadership development activities, fun activities, world issues being discussed and solutions for them are brought up by the AIESECers themselves.
“Hey AIESEC”…….”WHATS UP?” The voices were so high that it literally broke the ice in every one’s heart. The energy quickly swept across the room with back to back jives and a quick intro video to the delegates. Marta Staniszewska, Head of Customer Experience for Youth at AIESEC in Bangladesh and also the Chair for Lead CS 3.0 made everyone feel motivated and go crazy with her natural level of energy. The opening plenary was an informative one to let everyone know about what’s going to happen in the upcoming days.
Up next in the agenda was the out bound training sessions powered by “361 events”. It started off in grand style as the AIESECers were teamed up and given a set of tasks to be completed. Pushing themselves out of their comfort zone, and testing their team working capabilities, the young AIESECers managed to tackle down task by task with loads of fun and roars of laughter. Awesome team names, memorable team shout outs and non-stop mesmerizing moments were all in the air. Meeting new friends, and making more contacts was all in all bringing good vibes for everyone. Right after getting all soaked in the sea, every one returned back to their rooms for a quick change up and got ready to the most important thing for the day: lunch. ;)
It was finally good to fill up the tummies, sharing all the fun we had at the beach and at the games. More jives and informative session followed up. Then it was time for the surprise for the delegates, what would it be? As everyone was having high hopes, the Organizing Committee launched it in style: “PANDORA NIGHT”, the night filled with
lights. Nope it wasn’t just an ordinary DJ party, it was a DJ party with glow paints and glow stick. Dancing for the songs, as the balloons bumped around, even though it was dark everyone’s heart was lighted up with joy. No one gave up dancing till 4 AM, no one really cared whether their legs ached or not; actually with your heart filled with so much joy, it was hard to feel the pain.
The second day began with more jives and the hyper feeling filled the air once again. It was now time to discuss the functionalities and internal developments and it was time to make plans which would pave the way to achieve the planned targets. So many blue ocean strategies were brainstormed as solutions which can bring peace and fulfillment of humankind’s potential. Then it was time for the main event for the second day, “CS Awards Night”.
Lead CS is the place where young leaders are created and Awards Night is the place where the talented leaders are recognized for their achievements and brought to light. This is one of the prestigious nights in AIESEC in University of Moratuwa’s calendar. The glamorous night was so exciting for the AIESECers as they cheered while their fellow AIESECers got on stage winning awards.
And then it was once again time for DJ. What more could you expect after a night filled with good vibes and awards? Once again it was dancing till dawn.
It was the third day, and a kind of a small pain was in everyone’s heart, the feeling that it was the last day for everyone. Even though you could feel it no one actually showed it off. Big smiles and energy filled jiving started the third day with more fun than the previous days. Time to write sugar cubes - the small messages you give to people you have met and made an impact in your lives in the last three days, messages you’re reluctant to say in person or a note which would brighten up their smile forever. The day comprised of many sessions as always.
“MAS”, the platinum sponsor of “LEAD CS 3.0” was given a session as a complement. The delegates were taught on various points which they should consider before selecting a job, and a brief discussion was given to them on how to face an interview.
LEAD CS 3.0 wouldn’t have been a success without our partners who have given us their immense support in making this event a success. Our gratitude goes out to “Virtusa”,”HNB”, ”Central Bearings”, “Wisdom”, “Cargils”, “DSI”, “Bhasha”, “Srilanka Insurance”.
Finally LEAD CS 3.0 ended with OC and FACI Team appreciation by the AIESECers, and with warm hugs and kisses. Some were in tears, some were in total craziness. “The feeling of going to miss these people so badly “was all of a sudden too much to take in.

All is -well that ends well, everyone was in melancholy moods as all the AIESECers left the “Sanctuary House” back to their home carrying back their sugar cubes and hell a lot of memories.

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