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Dwelling on getting an intern for your company? Look no further than AIESEC Colombo South

Why get an intern when you have perfectly experienced workforce who exceed expectations in their deliverables? or you might be one of those companies who are oscillating on the idea of interns. Yes taking an intern may seem daunting and as a tedious task.  Some might even say the investment is not worth it. We at AIESEC are here to ease your qualms and offer you the ideal solution, the farfetched idea of offering you not just any interns but an international intern.

AIESEC is the largest youth-led global organization that truly embodies leadership and entrepreneurship development.  We create opportunities that groom leaders who thrive to surpass borders and constraints.  We take pride in saying that as a youth run organization we have been able to supply superior interns to  leading companies as well as startups. Those interns that we deliver to you are those who realize that they don’t want to become another safe ship in a harbor and those who get out of the safe zone where the real journey begins. And that is why even your experienced workforce would benefit from  interns.

Presentation of a token of appreciation for Dell 

Hiring international interns has often been seen as a complicated process and somewhat of an extravagance that only large organizations can afford. However AIESEC is ready to provide you that luxury  in the most cost-effective manner. The global talent program of AIESEC is renowned worldwide as the preeminent path of getting foreign interns, which enables local companies to use differentiated talents across the world.

We provide young, passionate individuals that can bring strategic perspectives to your company while operating in a fast-paced environment. International interns who has experienced life in different cultures can bring new viewpoints to your companies. Not to mention that tapping into the international network of undergraduates will help you build up or strengthen your ties with the world. Our network includes over 100,000 members in 126 countries and territories from which you can pick interns for any of the sectors in your company. Be it management, technical or educational we are confident that we can cater to your needs not only as an affordable and hassle-free HR solution, but as a way to change the way your company works.

Among all the committees in Sri Lanka, AIESEC Colombo South (University of Moratuwa) occupies a prominent place.  AIESEC Colombo South reached the peak of completing 36 intern exchanges during last year alone, thus recording the highest number of exchanges in the term 2013/2014 in AIESEC Sri Lanka.  Having a sound set of corporate partners is a major reason why AIESEC CS could able to reach the pinnacle. We are currently partnered with a spectra of companies functioning in hospitality, entertainment, manufacturing, engineering and different other industries. Jetwing Travels, Aitken Spence travels, Microsoft, Eco Team Sri Lanka and HNB Plc, Dell and Exotic travels are to name but a few of or our most renowned partners.

Presentation of a token of appreciation for Aitken Spence Travels
At AIESEC Colombo South, we trust in the transformation power of entrepreneurship and cultural exchange to bring about a better world. Being the best in what we do is not only a promise but what we have proved over the course of time.

Thathsara Radeeka 
Local Committee Vice President - Global Internship Programme
e-mail :

Supuni Gunasekara
Faculty of Engineering
University of Moratuwa

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