Sunday, November 22

Experiences that keep getting better and better! - Malitha shares "3" of his AIESEC Internships

I could say that AIESEC changed my life completely. It would take pages to write how much fun i had in all 3 internships I took. It all started with a GCDP project .

I still remember my first AIESEC Internship in Russia like yesterday which i took to have some for a vacation . But it ended up being not just fun which changed me to a different person in a good way and more confident , It motivated me to look for more International experience which lead me to take a GIP in Lithuania . 

Having stayed there for 1 year i realized how much I have developed meeting new people , learning new things everyday and exploring new cultures .

It was a struggle at first to get used to new cultures food , weather and also to make friends and more importantly cooking with what you have in the country .But that is also one skill that you learn once you have that kind of experience already and that is why I took my next GIP internship in Estonia.

And here I am applying all that experience what i learned while gaining more!

  Malitha Gamage
oGIP EP - Estonia

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