Tuesday, February 12

Dragon De Danza

The Chinese New Year is a traditional festival which is also known as the "Spring Festival", the literal translation of the modern Chinese name. This time it marked the beginning of Chinese Lunar New Year 2013, the Year of Snake. Together with over 1.3 billion people in China and millions of Chinese around the world, as AIESEC Colombo South, we decided to celebrate the Chinese New Year in Sri Lanka. 

"Dragon De Danza" was held on 11th of February, 2013 at Maharagama Youth Centre. Traditional Chinese dances were performed and the history of the new year was explained to the participants by Chinese interns. Furthermore, traditional Chinese games and other items were exhibited to initiate a sound cultural understanding.

Setting up another milestone, AIESEC Colombo South celebrated 125 GCDP exchanges for  12/13 term which was not just a number, but the impactful life changing experiences that we created . 

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