Sunday, February 24

Feel Lanka

Feel Lanka is a project initiated by AIESEC Colombo South to promote Sri Lanka as a tourism destination. We have targeted young energetic change agents from all over the world and spread the message about this miracle of Asia through their own first hand experiences.

Feel Lanka 1.0

Project was implemented by undergraduates of University of Rajarata with 9 foreign undergraduates from four different countries Singapore, China, Australia and India. The team of interns got the opportunity  to participate in several awareness sessions, which were conducted by the industry-related lecturers and professionals. Photo campaigns, video documentations, blogs and reports had been carried  in a whole new way to pump up the image of Sri Lankan tourism.

Apart from that, foreign interns got the opportunity to conduct several workshops on different aspects of tourism and hospitality with related to their cultures to the middle management of hotel industry and other employees. Closing ceremony of the workshop series was a Food Fiesta, where the interns presented their own food cultures and preferences.

Feel Lanka 2.0

China is considered one of the fastest growing and most significant Tourism segment in Sri Lankan inbound tourism industry. Project was focused on creating an online platform for potential Chinese tourists to get to know the first hand experiences of  their fellow citizens who have traveled and experienced Sri Lanka.

12 foreign interns, mainly representing Mainland of China joined with the project. They were assigned to travel around the country and capture photos and videos of tourist attractions on their own. In the meantime, according to their first hand experiences they have developed the articles and experience sharing. With all these content, a website is created and will be launched in both Chinese and English languages. 

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