Saturday, February 2

Exploring Galle : Feel Lanka 2.0 by Emily Wang

Feel lanka 2.0 is a project of AIESEC , our goal is promote the tourism industry in Sri Lanka!
we start the first trip in Galle for four days, visited Galle Fort , temples, church , National museums, beach and so on, the most impressive is Galle Fort , filled of old-fashion atmosphere .

We take a train to Galle, coastal rail line, sun shine and breeze make my trip more colorful,. When we arrive Galle , it seems that we have enter another world, here doesn’t look like Colombo, the Galle is more beautiful and silent .When we walk out the railway station , we see a part of Galle Fort !! After we’ve our package set in the Sea line hotel, we went to the Galle Fort , First, we see the small fish market near the Fort, then we walked to the National museum. On the way to museum , I was astonished by a cute child , I didn’t notice him in the car , when I walked by, he said “Hello!” with sweet smile. I think this is the specialty  in the Sri lanka .The children here wear the native smile always. After museum, we walk around the Galle , we see the beautiful church, Then we walked back to the Galle Fort,

we have lunch near the fort, delicious food ,beautiful views …Everything needed ,is there. After lunch, we go to the jewelry factory , we see the how the rings is mounted with diamonds… I think the work needs person who are patient and considerate!  
We back to the Galle town, we walked around the town, and take picture there,
We up stairs the Galle Fort , a wide ban comes into view! We walked along the Fort and waited for the sunset  …

by Emily Wang .

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Malith Hirantha said...

Awesome project !!!! good luck you all !!!