Sunday, November 27

Sherman Wong Exploring the Unknown as a Global Volunteer

Trying new things and exploring the unknown was nothing new to me and was something that I have always loved. And so, this summer I’ve done exactly that! I went for a volunteering exchange in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka being a country that I have minimal knowledge about deemed to the best place I could have chosen. This experience has really opened my eyes to so much more that I never knew. From the different cultures, food environment and people I have experienced in my exchange. It definitely was an experience like no other.

Besides, engaging with the community of a different background was one of my favourite parts of this exchange, where I really got my hands dirty and truly the impact of volunteering afterwards. I have learnt so much from this experience working in such a diverse team of 10 people from different countries, it truly was very different from the ordinary when people have such different views, thoughts, ideas and more which we would not experience back at home.

Overall, I would say that these were some of the best moments of my life and that this has been one of those best decisions you make in life. At the same time, It’s a great opportunity for you to do something meaningful that your future self would thank you for!

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