Wednesday, May 11

Your Adventure Awaits - Lim Yang Kwang (AIESEC in Malaysia)

Jom Pergi Sri Lanka: Your Adventure Awaits

Lim Yang Kwang, who completed his volunteer exchange to Sri Lanka early this year in project Heal A Nation 3.0 shares his story..............

Sri Lanka is a Buddhist country, so the people are accustomed to practicing kindness and doing good deeds. Their generosity really comes from the heart. The strangers I met were very willing to help, and if they can’t, they’ll find another way to help.
There was one time I planned to travel alone on foot to a place deep within the village. On the way out, an old man offered me a ride on his bicycle. He didn’t speak English, but we managed to communicate through hand gestures. It was too hard for him to balance the both of us, so he got off his bicycle to walk with me. He just pushed his bicycle next to me until a motorcycle passed by. It turned out to be someone he knew, so he asked his friend to take me to the main road, which was about 4km away! Even though the sun was very hot that afternoon, I still felt their warmth and kindness. At that moment I thought to myself, “Why can’t there be more people like this in the world?” I will remember his face for life.......
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Jom Pergi Sri Lanka: Your Adventure Awaits - AIESEC in Malaysia

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