Friday, April 24

"I experienced something beyond a normal project." - Erandi Galappaththi from organizing Committee of Fuegosticka 2.0 shared her experience

As a member of team Fuegosticka 2.0, I came across with many worthy experiences. At the   beginning of the project I contributed to process of collecting sponsorships, banners and other external relations stuff. This process helped me to develop my communication skills in various ways. After EPs arrived to our country from the very beginning I developed good relationships with them. It helped them to work in our project successfully. This was a brand new experience for me.
Though this was an android game development project, I experienced something beyond a normal project. Our project continued for 6 weeks and every week we had a session on android technology and many kind of workshops. As an undergraduate of Information Technology, this technological sessions really helped me to develop my android and game developing field. This project directly connected with the IT industry and it helped me to get a good exposure to the industry and professional bodies, especially because most of the sessions and workshops were done by professional people whose expertise for android in the industry.

I was fortunately privileged to have the best organizing committee in my project Fuegosticka 2.0. Especially our team leader Sehan Rathnayake had a great capability of leading this project to the success that we achieved. He guided us very well and that’s the secret of our success. Not only him every other member had a huge contribution. For myself they helped me a lot to cover up my work and they were always a helping hand. This team spirit lead us to the pinnacle of success.

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