Monday, October 20

My internship experience in Malaysia

I'm a student of University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka. After our first semester we have two and half month vacation.So I wanted to spend that time usefully. As a result of that I selected AIESEC internship to spend my 6 weeks with serving the community and have a life changing eexperience
Malaysia is the country I went for my internship.Under the supervision of AIESECer's in UTM, I worked in Amitabha Malaysia orphanage. Amitabha Malaysia is a NGO that do several community services such as look after orphan kids,recycling.donations,etc.My daily task was teaching the kids in the orphanage.And also we had some special days to do extra work.I'm not the only one who work as an intern in Amitabha orphanage.there is another Taiwan guy and two Vietnamese girls.
Our first big task was training the kids for their dance that they have to perform with us in their special festival at a shopping mall.Early it was not easy to me because I never dance before.But I took it as a challenge and practiced really hard.As a result of it we did it successfully.

After that our next task was promoting Amitabha Malaysia in a new year fesival. For that I wore as a chicken and enjoy the little children.It was really nice experience although it is very hard to wear it.we completed it successfully as well.

That was two main tasks we need to do during my intership period. During my time in Malaysia,I visited lots of places in Malaysia such as Malaka, Penang, Kuala Lampur, Singapore and met nice friends from various countries.Now I have friends from different countries which I never had before.

Finally, I would like to thank all the people who look after me during my time in Malaysia specially the people in NGO, AIESECER's in UTM and AIESEC for giving me this great opportunity to serve the community and giving me a life changing experience.

Janakith Iraj
University of Moratuwa

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