Sunday, October 19

“Liao Bu Qi” GPN!!!

Educating middle-school students about environment protection, boost their English language skills and above all exploring a different culture with four other amazing people from four different countries!!!
Well this was never in my “to-do-list” of reaching the targeted goal of my life, before I became a proud member of AIESEC Colombo South.
Thanks to AIESEC, I realized life is not about having a perfect CV, but it’s about creating a unique “Story of my life”
My Global Community Development Programme internship with AIESEC SYSU, Mainland of China not only added a bunch of beautiful experiences to my life, it also opened up a number of opportunities to develop my personality as well as the AIESEC career.
On 12th of April, landing at the Canton Airport with hardly any English speaker around made me want to take the next flight back to Sri Lanka.But when I saw the cheerful and warm, friendly faces of my AIESEC buddies waiting for me holding a huge board with “ni hao Chathu” on it, I was overwhelmed with happiness.
Along with my other team mates from India, Germany, Tanzania and Mauritius I has the most effective time period of my life.
Seeing the curious, eager faces of those Chinese middle- school kids, waiting for us to tell them about our culture, working with them hand-in-hand to protect environment, playing all the interesting games with them made each day special and something to look forward to.
Exploring the amazing culture, visiting places with the AIESECers of SYSU was an experience no tourist can get. And YEY!!! Now I’m an expert in using the chopsticks and a fan of authentic Chinese food.
One of the most important things was building up an unbreakable friendship with people from different cultures, backgrounds and mindsets. I would proudly say that this made me open-minded, flexible and a balanced person.

The outgoing and the reliable personality I believe I have developed, and the connections I built up with my international friends also opened up new paths to develop my AIESEC career and as a result now I’m a proud member of the National Support Team of AIESEC Mainland of China.
Let’s make a difference and feel  the difference…..Take the first step to create your own life story!!!

Chathurika Warnakulasuriya
University of Moratuwa

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