Tuesday, September 30

"Everything was just perfect and I felt so good and could enjoy the nature in a special way." Valerie Starke's awesome experience in Feel Lanka 5.0

Valerie Starke
The last two days were the best of my journey in Sri Lanka so far. Together with five of my friends we spent two days in  Wilpattu National Park. Because we decided to stay overnight we chose  Mahoora Tented Safari Camp Wilpattu as our accommodation. This is a camping site in the heart of the nature. I  must  say  it  might  not  be  exactly  what  you  imagine  when  you  think  of  a  tent…  It  is  sooo  luxury. Each of our tents had its own bathroom,  a comfortable bed, chairs and everything  you need.  But not only  were  the  tents  luxury.  Right  from  the  beginning  when  we  arrived  at  Mahoora  Tented  Safari Camp  we were treated in a way like we were some celebrities or something. The staff welcomed us with some cold wet towels  to refresh  ourselves and with a chilled  king coconut  drink.  The manager explained  us  everything  we  needed  to  know  and  showed  us  the  whole  camping  site.  During  our whole stay  all our wishes were served before  we even expressed them. I also want to mention the food…  It  was  just  amazing.  Every meal was  an  experience  and  superb.  For  example  for  dinner  we were  served  five  exquisite  courses,  which  like  every  meal  offered  a  perfect  mix  between  the  Sri Lankan  and  western  cuisine.  Everything  tasted  very  fresh  and  you  can  see  that  the  Chef  paid attention to every little detail. But now enough of the food  (although I could go on for ages).   Let me tell you  something  about the nature and the Safari we did. So on the first day we hopped on  the  jeep  and  drove  into the heart  of  the  national park.  And  we  were  so  lucky. We  saw  so  many  beautiful and  stunning  animals like birds,  mammals,  elephants and a cute, tiny  loris.  But the best  was  the  leopard.  We discovered  it  while  it  was sleeping on a tree. But suddenly it moved and walked in direction  of some  deer.  But the deer were lucky because the  leopard seemed to be too  tired for  hunting. It was an amazing  experience  to  see the animals  in the nature.  Our naturalist was so skilled and had such a great eye.  When we came back from Safari we were warmly welcomed again with  some refreshments. Later we had dinner at the campsite which  includes  barbeque, a bonfire,  some nice bottles of wine  and much more.  Every one  of  us  had  a  really  good sleep  this  night  in  the  luxury tents.  The  next  day  the manager arranged  birdwatching in  the  early  morning  for  us. Before  we  had some  tea  and coffee  as  well  as  biscuits  and bananas.  Our naturalist showed us  so  many  different birds  and shared  his  great  knowledge with  us.  After  returning  to  the camping site we enjoyed such a nice breakfast with everything you can imagine for breakfast. Now it was time to pack our stuff. When we were ready the manager made sure that we have enough water for our trip back to Colombo and a member of staff brought us to our bus station.
All together  this was an amazing experience. Everything was just perfect and I felt  so good and could enjoy the nature in a  special  way.  Especially what the manager explained us about the ECO concept of  Mahoora Tented Safari Camp  impressed me. You feel that they really care for the nature and for the  people  living  in  that  area  since  they  are  raising  their  awareness  for  the  nature.

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