Monday, March 3

"Feeling Lanka" by Caro Cervantes from AIESEC Pacifico,Peru

What mean "Sri Lanka" after my exchange? Definitely is my second home, Feel Lanka  was one of the best experiences in my life.

When I arrived every single thing was new, different from my culture. My new house, the others interns... 8 different countries, 8 different cultures... All together, here. My project "Feel Lanka 4.0" was about the promotion of the handicraft in Sri Lanka. At the beginning, it was a little bit complicated because we didn’t knew each other, our different point of view, our different lifestyle always made a interesting discussion. But when we spent more time together and we understood each other.

In my project we had to travel around the country making interviews, videos and photos. So, this part was the most challenged because we really felt Sri Lanka.... I mean, the buses, the traffic hum, the spicy food, ooohh yeeaaah, THE SPICY FOOD!, the jungle, the beach, the amazing people. Definitely, was the most exciting part! we had so much fun together, enjoying the country, their culture and making a friends forever.  

My experience in Sri Lanka showed me a lot of things, like how to get out of my confort zone, challenge myself, to know me better, be more tolerant, patient, team work and enjoying every moment with happiness.

Now, I know more about 9 countries around the world, I have a new family, my lovely team and all the AIESEC people to support us during the project. 

As i said, this experience changed my life and made me a better person.

So…Enjoy the AIESEC exchange and come to Sri Lanka, come to Colombo South! 

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