Monday, February 17

Maida's experience in project eGurugedara

Lanka; the land of coconuts and magical beaches has provided me with the best experience for my exchange. I would have never thought for a different country whose culture and values are closely knitted to Pakistani culture and values. As far as the project goes, it was an opportunity for me to work with students with such a diverse pool of talent which had it perks. English language was the only way to communicate with them which is the project all about.
I have never in my life had a chance to be a member of AIESEC but meeting AIESEC CS was a joy ride and made me want to go back to Pakistan and join my LC. It’s commendable that despite of being undergraduates all the AIESECers left no stone unturned to make my stay fun and comfortable in Lanka. From conferences to exploration of Lanka, from having meals together to parties, from my stay with a host family to meeting other interns, from jam packed bus rides to walks on the most exotic beaches each and every day left a print in my memory which is never going to go away.

Sadly, everything comes to end and it’s time to go back to my life but I am not going alone to Pakistan I am taking my friendship with the AIESEC CS and my recollection of all the amazing moments I spent here. 

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