Wednesday, February 12

"For me was one of the best. I’ll never ever forget it" Prscila's experience in FEEL LANKA 4.0

My name is Priscila, I’m from Argentina! I came here to work on a project to promote the handicrafts production and the tourism of the country. The name of this project is FEEL Lanka 4.0.
The coasts of this beautiful country offer beautiful long beaches with palm trees, white sand, and transparent sea. In these beaches you see families, teenagers, couples and friends having fun, rest and relaxing.
All over the country you can appreciate many national parks, reserves, sanctuaries for conservation, wildlife observation and a lot of temples; they are added as territorial assets for tourist use too.

Here you can find many souvenirs, original creations, arts made by Sri Lanka people. I could have the chance to see how they make it, and it’s incredible, you can see how people are dedicated to their work, I’ve never seen this before.

The people here are really nice and helpful, and I had the opportunity to find them, especially AIESEC Colombo South people. They helped me in everything that I need, before came here, and here too!

My experience was awesome, more than I expected. The only thing that I suffered a lot on the first week (and I think all of the people in my groups) was the spicy food!!! But now I get used to eat it!
I met people from other countries (Greece, China, Pakistan, Peru, Brazil, and Ukraine), they were so nice! At first it was difficult because in some things we think different and live with people who you don’t know very well it’s really hard in the beginning, but we could solve all the problems and work together!! 
Then we shared all of our traditions, food, feelings and also knowledge so now we know more about other cultures and this is great because with this kind of things you grow up.
If you really want have fun, know other culture different than yours, have adventure, meet wonderful people and eat spicy food. Definitely you must come to Sri Lanka!! Don’t lose your opportunity, for me was one of the best. I’ll never ever forget it.

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