Wednesday, April 24


     e-Gurugedara was another socially impactful project by AIESEC Colombo South to enhance IT literacy among school children in rural areas of the country. The main objective was to provide them a unique learning experience in a novel atmosphere created by foreign interns.

The project e-Gurugedara had a positive impact on around 8 schools located in different cities such as Anuradhapura, Badulla, Mahiyanganaya and Gamapha namely,

  • ·         D.S Senanayaka College,Anuradhapura
  • ·         Kehelalla Buddhist Primary School
  • ·         Henpitagedara Gnanaseeha Primary School
  • ·         Kehelalla Ranasinghe Primary School
  • ·         Ananda Kanishta Vidyalaya,Marandagahamula
  • ·         Delwagura Maliyadewa Kanishta Vidyalaya
  • ·         Diriyagama Vidyalaya , Mahiyanganaya
  • ·         Dharmadutha College

with the participation of undergraduates from China, Germany, The Netherlands, Taiwan, and Brazil during which they conducted lessons for IT and English in schools for six weeks’ time period.

Engaging students in different activities enhanced their language skills and communication skills while the Interns lived a lifetime experience involving in this service during their stay. This is one of our highly successful projects, proved though achieving not only a wider reach and but also a deeper impact.

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