Saturday, March 2

Team HaliBorange :winners of Fuegosticka 2013

 Fuegosticka was a concept instigated by a set of dynamic AIESECers who took the challenge to alter the normality’s of the ‘Global Community Development Program’ of AIESEC. Since the initiation, in spite of numerous difficulties it turned out to be a life changing experience for all the Delegates, OC members and the interns who participated at this Android Gaming Development competition.
 Fifteen AIESEC exchange participants from five different countries volunteered in this project as mentors for the teams .This made a novel experience for all the delegates who participated in the competition. Delegates were trained on newest game development platforms, how to pitch an idea, how to market the final product and various other things related to gaming development.
Seven teams competed in the final battle which was one thrilling encounter given that all of them had exceedingly innovative products to showcase at the arena in the assessment of the veteran judge panel representing IDM, Dialog, GTS technologies and eGlobe Solutions.

After a hardly fought battle the team HaliBorange clinched the title as the winners of Fuegosticka 2013 and walked away with heavy cash prizes from Dialog and gaming equipment from e Globe solutions. “Hostage Rescue “is the title of the game which was invented by the winning team which inspired the audience high time.
It was an epic closure to the Fuegosticka first edition amidst the fascinating presentations and the exciting cultural events one by the interns.
Keep fingers crossed till the next edition Fuegosticka 2014 which is going to be even a greater success.

by Thushan Dharmawardena

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