Monday, August 13

My Best 35 Days in Sri Lanka ......... Cindy , from China

Till now , having came back to China for a week , i still miss everything in Sri Lanka .
This summer holiday ,i went to SL to joined a project on Pre-school teaching in Galle
through AIESEC,an international students organization.We have 6 Chinese girls in
this project ,6 people are divided into 3 groups .Each 2 day ,we 2 as a group go to
different pre-school . In the pre-school, we teach children paper-cutting ,like how to
make a star ,singing ,drawing and so on .Children in the pre-school are very cute and
clever ,i enjoy the every moment with them .And teachers there are also very kind and
nice ,they use imaginative and useful methods to teach children.They treat us with
tasty meals . Our working time is in the morning ,after finish it ,we can arrange our
own time .At weekends ,sometimes teachers will invite us to go for a holiday with
their family .We all had a wonderful time with them .Besides these ,we even attend a
Global Village Day organized by Colombo South LC .It is about cultural sharing.On
the global village day ,we Chinese girls wear traditional dresses and prepare some
performance.I must say the ICX VP Thushan of Colombo South is a very responsible
person .Without him, we cannot have such a wonderful experience .We also met lots
of nice people during our stay in Sl. It is my great luck to meet you all here .Wish one
day i can come back again .

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