Thursday, July 12

Earth Hour

This is the first time AIESEC Colombo South was able to initiate a big scale project . In this project 22 interns from different cultural backgrounds got together at the same platform . This project was mainly focused on doing awareness about the Earth Hour 2012. Apart from that the interns were supposed to do an energy audit in Expo Lanka group of companies .

Managing 22 interns at the same time was a difficult task for the LC . But finally we were able to do the project with great success giving the interns and CS members an intense experience .  Every individual CS AIESECer has a nice story with the EPs . There were some issues but at the end all were happy about what they gained.

It was Rodrigo and Gustavo the first two EP  s who arrived for the project . It was a great to watch they describing the importance of Earth hour to some children .
Then came Chirag and so on the traffic started to grow . Managing airport pickups for these interns was a good learning experience. Somehow they tried their best to make this project a success . It was great mutual experience for CS AIESECers and the interns .
Apart from this the sessions we did on schools about environment sustainability was a great success and that was a great learning experience for all the Organizing committee members who have done immense work in spite of the heavy work load in university .

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