Tuesday, June 20

Warming Up for the Amazing Experience - Outgoing Preparation Seminar

Outgoing preparation seminar for the Outgoing Exchange Participants of AIESEC in Colombo South, took place Friday 2nd of June at the Old TLM building of University of Moratuwa.  

The event featured 40 Exchange Personals who will be going to 11 countries around the globe namely Malaysia, Vietnam, South Korea, Greece, Egypt, Indonesia, India, China, Thailand, Philippines, Poland and Ukraine.

The target of the event was to educate the EPs about various different aspects that they will be facing throughout the volunteering program. For many of them this will be their first experience going overseas. 

Info sessions about World Issues & SGDs, AIESEC Way, Crisis Management- Case Studies, Experience Sharing, Culture Shock & Jives made the event and eventful one. 

The evening was chaired by the Member Committee Vice President for Outgoing Global Volunteer, AIESEC in Sri Lanka Mr. Sandaru Karunasiri, and he delivered a few valuable sessions about the whole experience that the EPs are going to have.

At the end of the seminar the participants was given a chance to take photos with the handmade props of the respective countries they will be visiting and the organizing committee didn’t forget to refresh everyone with few refreshments.

Participants had gained a lot of knowledge and were extremely happy as we summed up yet another successful event.

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