Friday, September 30

The winter season has begun!

On the 14th of September eve, 2016 the AIESEC CS local committee has gathered for to announce a new chapter of  excitement and joy for a whole new season. The meeting commenced with the appreciations of summer season team leaders as they had shown a promising performance to collect maximum number of satisfaction in participation.  

While you conclude the end of previous chapter, the next chapter dawned with the announcement of new team leaders for this coming season. It was indeed an act of bravery shown as they step out from the audience in the midst of applauding and cheers. They were given a brief  introduction about themselves and the representing projects.


Next segment was the introduction of the iflyers who had taken the challenge to come out of their comfort zones and volunteered to make  a difference in another community. As the 30+ iflyers stood up, Druvinka and kasun came forward to share their experiences since there were limited time for the meeting to wind up. Druvinka who has gone to Malaysia and Kasun who has gone to Thailand to experience a life changing opportunity in exchange participating. By listening to their sharings it left a sense of curiosity in the air for the potential iflyers who might apply to reveal themselves in a position that they would never tought that had existed in them.

iGT Corp Hunt results took into a  new level of surprise. Best performing members were recognized and rewarded for high capabilities that they had out shine. Results of the next Corp Hunt will for surely be in a greater shape as expecters will wish for more challenging results next time.

“Innovators” another sublime confidence champagne where you can share your innovative ideas which can turn into a promising project for the next season. Those who think that they have a great idea, where you think it will be productive or it might give a smashing out run, then here is the best opportunity to try. We appreciate and value your views, that we are ready to lend an ear. Share your ideas and as a team we will discuss whether we can take the initiative to proceed forward.

The announcement of the lead cs including the induction day organizing committees and the marketing team were up in next. The introductions were being followed with positive wishes as all want to give 110% out from them.

Special announcement is made regarding the I respect you day which will fall on 1st of October and more information will be updated soon in our facebook page.

Last but not least, after the thank you speech from Kaushalya, embracing the new talents and bravery the meeting came to a halt. Members happily gathered for the selfie rewriting the history with further plans and yet another excited day with CS family. DSCF5950.jpg

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