Sunday, December 7

Wenuka's exchange experience in Vietnam

It was a time where I experience total freedom and I got much more experience from living alone. It  was not easy as we think. I really missed speaking in Sinhala when I was there. I think my internship gave me self-confident specially when communicating in English. I gained knowledge how to deal with an intern, especially with Europeans. Now I know what they feel and what they want from my experience.

AIESECers in Vietnam created a good work condition to me in the project and also guided me in first few days till I get used to Vietnam. I along with other seven interns had to teach communication skills and leadership skills in Vietnamese students. As I feel and as the attendees told, we have created an impact on their mind and believes which they can use for betterment of themselves and this world.  

I always tried to gain as much as experience I can from my limited budget was the biggest challenge I had to deal during my internship. I always had to manage my expenses and had to make some rough decisions not to be bankrupt during my internship.

It was a really nice, unforgettable, life changing experience which was a huge challenge at that time, but a sweet experience at the end of the day.

Wenuka Gunarathne
Department of Electronic & Telecommunication
Faculty of Engineering, University of Moratuwa

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