Wednesday, August 7

Vita Vaitkeviciute's GCDP experience in AIESEC CS, Sri Lanka

The project for me was a great opportunity to develop in various areas. During it I gained new multicultural experience while working with fellow EPs from different countries, improved in cooperation, team work, organizational skills, experienced culture shock, which I think we all should experience, especially if you are an AIESECer. FEEL Lanka 3.0 was very well and professionally planned project, even though we didn't fulfill it completely, I believe both us and OC were satisfied with the outcome. The OC were cooperative during the project when we had problems with places or timing we were able to change it along the way. As always beginnings are the most difficult part of the project and us had a rough start too, but quite quickly we got to know each other and any disagreements and problems were easily solved, making the next few weeks of the project exceptionally great experience. The atmosphere of the FEEL Lanka 3.0 most of the time was great and we actually could feel the concept of this project.

Sri Lanka is as different from Lithuania as the country can be and beside the project it is one of the reasons I chose Sri Lanka in the first place. For me the adaptation was easier than I had expected, because of the fellow EPs. Most of them were from Europe, as we have similarities in our cultures and everyday life, it didn't take a long time to get to know each other and get along very well throughout the project, we helped and supported one another in many situations. There were some arguments and disharmony with two members of FEEL Lanka 3.0, it wasn't possible to solve it completely, but both us and the OC of this project put the most effort to make it the least disturbing. We also had problems with the place we stayed in and it wasn't solved completely as well, but some OC members and OCP showed the most effort to make the living conditions better. Consequently, even though there were unsolved problems and disharmony, we managed to overcome these difficulties and enjoy participation in the FEEL Lanka 3.0.

As this was my first internship, my experience was new and I can't compare it with anything else. For the record I can honestly say, that if I had a choice to go there again, knowing something about how it would be like, I would definitely go.
Sri Lanka is a very exotic country with a lot of natural recourses. Looking from the European perspective this country has a lot of potential and unused niches in its industry. Our team was able to explore and see Sri Lanka not only from the tourist perspective, because we ate the local food, which was quite often too spicy for us, we were traveling by buses, trains, tuk-tuks which are mainly used by locals. Before coming there, I wasn't expecting the country to be so variable. to sum up, Sri Lanka is a country for people who seek adventures and want to see real beauty of the pure nature.

All in all, even though there are some drawbacks, the experience was marvelous and unforgettable. I am satisfied with the project, the OC and, most of all, with the fellow interns that I lived with for six weeks.”

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